Be Healthy, Be Happy # 2


Greetings Healthy, Happy Friends!

I recognize that this week’s topic might be a bit unpopular with some, but for many health practitioners, “sugar has become the new tobacco.”
Following are three articles from my favorite website/information source (MDA), in chronological order – 2010, 2015, & 2017.



As many of you likely know already, sugar is “hiding” in so many food products, especially processed items and various forms of sugar are often used in cooking in many countries (including Thailand, for sure) – adding that little bit of sweet flavor everybody craves. One interesting statement I heard recently – “the more glucose a person ingests over a lifetime, the shorter the healthspan/lifespan” – and the less healthy quality of life, obviously. In my current aging years, I am consciously endeavoring to be aware of all types of my own sugar/glucose consumption.
Please feel free to send any questions or thoughts regarding sugar intake.
Hope you have a wonderful, healthy & happy weekend!


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Be Healthy, Be Happy # 1

Welcome New Year 2018!!

Greetings Healthy, Happy Friends!
Welcome to another new year, and to a slightly revised email “title” –
Be Healthy, Be Happy!
I hope that all of you enjoyed a relaxing, refreshing, energizing, and of course – “Healthy & Happy” holiday break! I was able to enjoy a lot of time for reflection, along with various “primal” practices, such as:  great sleep, soaking in some sunshine with vitamin D, consistent exercise/movement (long walks, bike riding on my Elliptigo, lifting heavy things, sprinting), cooking and eating delicious primal food & snacks, some play (on a rocky ocean coastline, on the tennis court), lots of reading (using my mind), and quality time with family & friends …. all combining to contribute to a wonderfully rejuvenating break!
As a form of a New Year’s resolution, I was also able to start thinking and planning for my next/future profession, as a Primal Health Coach; working on possible website names/designs, thinking about slogans and logos, etc … all very exciting, for sure! For now, I have purchased a couple possible domains, with a current slogan of PRIMAL HEALTH JOURNEY …. Be Healthy, Be Happy! This sentiment best reflects my thoughts and feelings, as when I am working in various ways on being healthy, invariably I find myself a much happier person! At this time, I am still very open to suggestions/ideas for naming my business, and finding a fitting logo also. Feel free to send any suggestions my way – thanks!
For those of you who might be making some resolutions, I realize that some of your goals will hopefully include improving your overall state of health. This could involve reducing stress levels; effortless weight loss (if desired); getting more & better sleep; and something that might be difficult for you – Put Yourself First! Many of you are parents, and will obviously often feel like you should put your spouse and children first in terms of your daily priorities. Yet, I think it is very important to keep your own personal health/fitness & wellness as a high priority; as you will then be even more able to consistently do your best for your family.
For those of you who are interested in an idea for setting goals for the new year, maybe this article from one of the leading Primal Health Coaches, Erin Power can offer some help.

As we try to filter through the continuous daily online information onslaught, the following is a quote that struck me as worthwhile advice. I was listening to a recent health podcast, and this comes from Bruce Lee, the former actor-director-martial artist-philosopher …. 
“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, & Keep what is uniquely your own.”
Wishing you all a wonderful & healthy, happy 2018!!
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