Bob has been my mentor, workout coach and lifestyle coach for two years and I can honestly say that he has improved my fitness and health for a lifetime. His generous, fun-loving style and understanding nature makes physical and diet goals realistic and effective. He infuses all consultations and workouts with his truly deep knowledge of human body systems acquired over many decades in health and nutrition. Don’t miss out on working with this guy!

— Nat Whitman —
ES Librarian, ISB


My short 3-months training with Bob has been one of my most worthy health investments. The initial goal was to gain and maintain fitness to support the outdoor lifestyle that I enjoyed. But Bob took it further to ensure that I understand that it was not just about fitness, but a healthy lifestyle as a whole that will help me achieve my wellness and life goals. The primal training program has been very well designed, and well-paced so that I understood the principles physically and mentally; from a training program it developed into my lifestyle. Bob has been very sincere, reliable, and supportive; he understands my needs as well as my imitations. My overall fitness and strength increased, and I am confident I will be able to continue enjoying the outdoor life that I love. I highly recommend him!

— Sutthana (Pui) Vichitrananda —


As a Physical Education Teacher, I know how to lead a healthy, happy and fit lifestyle, but somehow life happened and in the tumult of it all, I suddenly lost my way at the start of 2019. I lost my confidence, my fitness, my positivity, …. myself. I gave up on running and doing triathlons and consumed way too much alcohol. Time for Bob!
Bob immediately recommended his newest health coaching model, a one-month Primal Transformation Coaching program. It would be a first for him, but I was hooked and excited from day 1. The program comes with a Total Body Transformation guide book, one weekly coaching and one weekly work-out session with Bob! I read the easy-to-read book and enjoyed the one-on-one coaching sessions with Bob, in which he would explain the learnings in the book and apply it to my personal situation. Bob helped me to transition from a “sugar-burner” to a “fat-burner” by showing me how to “go primal.” Under his guidance, I started to eat healthier, cook better, use the gym, improve my sleep, deal with stress and fill the week with fun little exercises.
Although very funny and charming, Bob is highly confidential and professional and I always felt safe and supported during our talks and work-outs. Bob has given me back my confidence and offered me a lifestyle I can continue overseas to remain healthy and fit on my own. Bob has been my coach, but he will remain my friend, my guiding angel, my special person who helped me when nothing else worked. I am incredibly grateful to Bob, and I can recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, learn about the Primal Blueprint, or just wants to spend some time in the gym with an awesome individual!

— Lien Martens —


Bob Connor has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration in my life for many years. He is constantly learning and he enthusiastically shares his new and innovative approaches with his clients. His passion for life is contagious. After a session with Bob, I don’t feel exhausted; instead, I feel invigorated and refreshed. If you’re looking for a certified and dedicated professional to help shape the way you think and live, Bob is your man!

— Andrew Cohen —
HS English Teacher, ISB


Bob Connor is one of a kind. I can’t recommend him enough! His knowledge of fitness and a healthy lifestyle is endless. He gets to know you, and it’s great how he approaches each person individually and tailors his services based on what the person needs. Bob is multi-faceted and holistic; he makes sure his clients know about nutrition, sleep, stress, even sun! Yet he’s simple – no back-breaking workouts, no starving, no counting calories, no shame. Bob envelops you in a nurturing, research-based, sensible path of Primal living. Bob changed the way I look at myself and my future. Best of all, when you work with Bob, you have gained more than a health coach – you’ve gained a friendship!

— David Crimi —
Grade 5 Teacher, ISB


Bob is an excellent and knowledgeable personal coach. For nearly two years, I have worked with Bob in one-to-one sessions, as a couple with my wife, in small groups and with larger classes. He has proven to be an extremely versatile coach and tailor-makes his exercise and nutrition plans according to the needs of each individual. Being in my fifties I struggled with regaining my fitness and was resigned to reminiscing about the good old days as a tri-athlete. I thought that my best years health-wise were behind me, but Bob is a living example that fitness improvements can be made even when you thought you were “over the hill” .
Bob makes his sessions fun and varied so that you’re always challenged in different ways. It makes going to Bob’s sessions super interesting and rewarding.

— Marc de Vries —
Chief Financial Officer / Deputy Head of School


“I have loved attending Bob’s classes – both in large group and small group sessions. His exercises have helped me build strength and mobility, which I greatly appreciate. I highly recommend him!”

— Linda Eide —
Grade 2 Teacher, ISB


This year, I signed up to work with Bob as my fitness trainer during both semesters. I feel great about the overall progress I made this year by working with him!  Over the past few years, due to various complications that resulted from arthritis, I had experienced increasing challenges with mobility.  Working alongside Bob has got me back on the right track, and I am now active again on a regular basis.  Through my sessions with him, and by re-establishing a regular schedule of rowing several times a week, I have gained strength, muscle, flexibility and my overall my mobility has increased.  Bob was also responsive to my individual needs and was able to personalize my fitness activities within our small group sessions.  Working with Bob has made a very positive impact on my wellbeing this year! 

— Cindy Plantecoste —
Middle School Dean of Academics, ISB


We are in a small group fitness class with Bob and we love it!  He tailors each session to our fitness goals, paces them perfectly, and builds on prior knowledge and exercises making each session more effective.  We feel stronger, and look forward to each time we meet as the effects of the workout last for hours!  They boost our mood, and endurance.  Bob has great advice and is quick to offer effective suggestions to make home exercise more fun, easy, and accessible.  No matter what your background or level of fitness is, Bob is able to craft the perfect workout.  I would, without hesitation, recommend Bob’s fitness classes to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their health.  Grok on!

— DeeDee and Andy Marshall —
MS and HSTeacher, ISB


It has been a pleasure working with Bob this year during the small group training sessions and during the large group fitness classes! During the small group lessons, I’ve really appreciated how Bob has created personalized goals for me, and that he has pushed me outside of my comfort zone to try exercises and weights that I would have been hesitant to try on my own – that’s how I’ve gotten results! My arms in particular have always been the weakest part of me, and as a result of Bob’s classes, I’m starting to see the definition and strength in my arms that I’ve always wanted to see. Others have noticed too – I have received a number of compliments 🙂 As a coach, Bob is approachable, friendly, quick to respond and answer questions, helpful with offering advice and resources, and very motivating. I hope that he will be able to offer the small group classes again next school year – I would sign up again! 

— Beth Sauers —
ES Teacher, ISB


I did private sessions with Bob all year. I am generally a fit and active person already, yet these sessions were still just fantastic. Bob tailored them to my needs which focused more on mobility, overall strength, and injury prevention. Each session was different and personalized; never a cut and paste from the previous client. Unlike large group classes, there was a lot of focus on proper form. I wanted to strengthen certain areas to prevent recurring injuries. This was achieved and I have been injury free. The best part is Bob knows I like to be pushed and he pushed me, resulting in some fantastic sessions that make you feel alive!

— Kerry Dyke —
MS Physical Education, ISB


Bob’s classes made getting back into the habit of exercising a challenging but fun transition. I learned many things about my body and areas where I need to strengthen, and most importantly, how to go about that as well. Even though we only met once a week, I definitely feel stronger and more confident with my body. The sessions Bob designed for us were well balanced and a big part of why I enjoyed myself as much as I did. Thank you for everything and I already look forward to continuing next school year!

— David Grepl —
Admissions Representative, ISB


I am so grateful to have the chance to work with a health coach like Bob Connor. Having known Bob for so many years it has been very comfortable and gratifying to train with him, as our talks have also proved to be very beneficial for me physically and psychologically.  I hope to continue working out with Bob as it has improved my health, my body and my motivation.

— Carol Priore —


It has been a goal of mine for many years now to develop an exercise routine, especially as I get older. As a new teacher at ISB last year I decided it was time to start, however I was unclear on where and how to begin until I learned that Bob was offering two group sessions a week after school. I went to the first session with some trepidation – wondering if I could keep up with the group and nervous about my inexperience and feeling shy about beginning in front of everyone. From the very first lesson I felt completely at home! Bob made me feel very welcome and safe. He demonstrates all exercises focusing on the correct form and includes modifications, which is especially helpful for a novice. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious.I was hooked!
I began by going on a regular basis – this gave me the confidence to schedule private lessons with Bob. I filled in a questionnaire, which Bob went through with me in order to clarify my objectives. Based on this he developed a routine for me geared specifically to my ability and goals. His instructions are very clear, modeling each exercise and making sure I understood how to do them. The variety of exercises included a complete body workout program. Not only did Bob develop a routine for me based on my personal preference to use weights and a TRX suspension trainer; he also discussed developing good eating and sleep habits. He explains the Primal Diet and the importance of avoiding certain foods and the need for adequate sleep.
I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me develop an exercise routine including a healthier diet! He is always so encouraging and patient. I feel stronger, more toned and overall healthier. I am excited to continue my fitness training/personal wellness journey with Bob this year.  Bob is a master at his craft!

— Melinda Kehe —
HS-MS Librarian, ISB