Be Healthy, Be Happy # 55


The first official day of summer will soon be upon us, and I always look forward to enjoying time outside in nature …. including getting lots of sunshine on a daily basis. I am also excited about: spending quality time with family; visiting friends we have not seen in a while; hiking (already been out on the trails several times during the past week); cooking – making healthy new recipes for brunches and dinners for family and friends, including slow cooker meals; kayaking-paddleboarding-swimming in the lake; a round of golf with good friends; a challenging game of doubles tennis on my favorite Har-Tru courts at our place in upstate New York; a visit to The Big Apple to hang out with our kids and their friends; seeing all the stars in the night sky; checking out the variety of farmers’ markets in the area; trying out a new restaurant; reading a number of actual books, and not just consuming online information; and getting in some outdoor workouts – playing with my kettlebells and other fitness “toys” on our deck or in the yard outside our place.

I am sure that you all have your own lists of summertime fun you are looking forward to enjoying soon. Hope you all have a wonderfully rejuvenating summer season!



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