I have been interested and passionate about fitness and health since youth, as I participated in sports throughout the year, both in school and recreationally. In college, I studied physical education and health, which served me well, as I moved into my life/career as a professional educator in international overseas schools for the next 35-40 years. I coached a variety of sports in these schools, both girls’ & boys’ teams, and my former students often still refer to me as “Coach,” which is truly a compliment!

During my personal health journey over the years, I tried a few different nutrition “strategies,” including eating several small meals a day, and later I also experimented with a vegetarian diet. I never really felt great or noticed any health improvements until I discovered The Primal Blueprint eating plan, which basically emphasizes eating real foods, focusing more on healthy fats, low carbohydrate and medium protein intake; and eliminating sugars-grains-vegetable oils, etc …. from my daily diet. I have transitioned from a “sugar burner” to a “fat burner,” which is a fantastic feeling and keeps me feeling lean and strong. This is a key area of this lifestyle which I want to share with others. I truly believe that Food is Fuel, and that also Food is Medicine!

I went on to follow the other Primal Blueprint lifestyle recommendations, including areas such as sleep-exercise-stress-sunlight, play, etc …. Initially, my personal goal was to live to be 100 years old! Yet, my focus now is on living a long, healthy life – as I am concerned more with my “healthspan” than my “lifespan.” I expect to be able to move, hike, play tennis/golf and participate in other activities throughout my life – into my 80’s, 90’s and hopefully beyond!
Since fully adopting the primal lifestyle about 9 years ago, I consistently have more energy, I sleep better and

I rarely get sick – I have had only a couple head colds or sicknesses/illnesses for the past several years! Additionally, I actually “exercise” or “work out” less than I have in the past – in my 30’s-40’s-50’s ….
My fitness “regimen” varies, from including lots of walking/hiking, some tennis & golf, with some weekly weight training and mobility work, along with some high-intensity and/or sprint training periodically. After a workout, I usually feel energized, a bit tired, but with something still “left in the tank” – the goal should not be a feeling of total exhaustion; there should be a striving for increased energy and enthusiasm for enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.

I have recently become certified as a Primal Health Coach. It has become my mission to inform and coach others to follow a healthy primal lifestyle. NOW (at age 66) as I conclude my career as a professional educator – 37+ years in international schools overseas …. “Semi-retiring” in one way, and moving on to my next career or “adventure” – to follow my passion and desire to help others discover what I have found in recent years – how to live an optimally healthy lifestyle, to maintain a general level of fitness and proper weight, and to be happy with my choices.

I want to share with others – especially those people in their mid-life years (40’s, 50’s, 60’s); many people in this part of their lives have possibly seen their overall health suffer a bit – too much work, not enough sleep, decreased energy, very little or inconsistent exercise/too much sitting, eating too much junk food or other foods that cause insulin increases/fat storage – leading to gradual, inevitable weight gain for many. Additionally, there are often others in this age/demographic who have possibly been “over-exercising” for years; there are important factors to consider involving too much exercise, and the overall inflammation-harm that can have on your body, and healthspan/longevity.

My goal and life purpose is now to help others to maximize the benefits of exercise, sleep, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors in order to optimize their healthspan. I believe that an athlete exists inside each of us – I will strive to bring out your “inner athlete.” I have been a “coach” for my entire adult life, and I want to keep coaching and working with people for my remaining years.

Let me help you on your own journey to BE HEALTHY & BE HAPPY!