My Life Purpose

My goal and life purpose is to help others maximize the benefits of exercise, sleep, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors in order to optimize their healthspan. I have been a “coach” for my entire adult life, spanning schools and teams to most recently building my own health coaching business. My mission is to keep coaching and working with people for my remaining years. Following my passion and desire, I aim to support others in discovering what I have found in recent years – how to live an optimally healthy lifestyle, to maintain energy along with a general level of fitness and proper weight, and to be happy with my choices.

WHY do people work with health coaches? Do any of these points resonate with you personally?

  • My daily energy levels are inconsistent, and I frequently get tired easily.
  • I have gradually gained some extra weight over a number of years, and I would like to find effective measures to reduce my weight – methods which will be feasible and long-lasting.
  • I experience a high level of stress on a regular basis, and hope to discover methods for dealing with overall anxiety and stress….
  • My sleep quality is poor; I need some tips and new habits on how to improve my sleep.
  • I have noticed a decline in my overall fitness; I would like to become stronger in various areas, such as: muscle mass, cardio-vascular endurance, mobility, balance, coordination, etc ….

As a health coach, I can help each person with their particular and specific goals. Together, we will formulate an inclusive and flexible plan to develop daily habits focused on healthy choices. Areas to be addressed include: diet guidelines and recipes; exercises-movements-workouts; along with lifestyle maintenance tools to decrease stress and enhance sleep. I will serve as your “mentor” – your personal coach to assist, guide, empower, reinforce and inspire you to actualize and maintain various lifestyle and behavioral changes designed to achieve your overall fitness, health and wellness objectives.


Let me help you on your own journey to