Be Healthy, Be Happy # 52


For a number of years now, you may have heard that we should be careful about our intake of salt. Actually, I consider salt to be a very important and “vital nutrient” in our daily diet, as explained in greater detail in this excellent article-link by Chris Kresser – an integrative medical practicioner. He is especially “known for his in-depth research uncovering myths and misconceptions in modern medicine and providing natural health solutions with proven results.”Personally, I happen to favor various forms of the Himalayan pink sea salt, which is readily available in most grocery stores now. These days here in Bangkok, with the temperatures remaining very high on a daily basis, I will often add some sea salt to my preferred drinking water – Gerolsteiner, an excellent sparkling mineral water product. You can also add some extra salt to your meals, or perhaps use some good grass-fed salted butter at times. I find that these habits help keep me better hydrated, with proper mineral content also.

For some more reading-evidence, from MDA (Mark’s Daily Apple) – you can check out “Salt: What Is It Good For?”

So, please do not be afraid of consuming enough salt each day!



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