Be Healthy, Be Happy # 51


In my attempt to consume healthy foods & beverages on a daily basis, I do not try to be “perfect.” There are times when I enjoy something that is not on my recommended list of things to eat or drink. My goal is to “eat healthy” at least 80% of the time. As I tell many who ask, I actually strive for 100% compliance, but I accept 80%, which often turns out to be about 90% many weeks. IMPORTANT – I advise that you do not strive for 80%, as that number can easily go down to 60% or less. The exact ratio is not vital, as there is a bit of flexibility as to how I approach my food-drink selections.

Yet, I do not consider these “less healthy” choices to be “cheat” items. For me, cheat is a negative perception. Rather, when I have something not considered “primal,” I always enjoy and savor the treat, chewing slowly and relishing each bite, as there is never any shame involved. That becomes just part of my 20%, as I know that I will still maintain good choices at least the other 80% of the time.

So, I imagine that you may be wondering what my “non-primal treats” might look like – here are some of my favorites. First is definitely bread, but a specific one – sourdough. With the fermentation process used in making sourdough, this bread can be considered more healthy than other typical breads like whole-wheat, etc …. And, to make it taste even better – I will usually slather some delicious grass-fed butter on top, along with some olive oil to soak it in – both yummy and healthy additions!

Other treats could be an extra glass of red wine on special occasions, or a nice dessert when out to dinner with my family or friends, possibly in celebration of a holiday or birthday, etc …. Or a nice ice cold beer on a hot day; or an extra square or two of dark chocolate.

For me, this 80-20 rule guides my choices but it does not dictate everything I consume. This can be viewed as a compromise, when fully primal choices are not available. And, I know that I will always get back on track easily in the coming days.

Probably the best quotation to summarize – “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”



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