Be Healthy, Be Happy # 57




It is one of the special times of the year – time to spend with family at Christmas, and then time to get ready for another new year of expectations, adventures and memorable experiences!

As I am confident many of you have heard-seen these tips before, here are some simple suggestions to improve-enhance your overall state of health & wellness. These are all “low-hanging fruit” which we can certainly achieve, with a bit of determination and self-awareness:

  • Prioritze sleep; 7- 9 hours per night desirable
  • Move every day; can be as simple as walking
  • Eat as much real food as possible; and sometimes go without food for an extended period
  • Manage stress; using whatever method works best for you, personally
  • Use your brain; stay mentally sharp
  • Get outside in nature

And one more fun piece of advice comes from a book called Spring Chicken by Bill Gifford –

  • Drink more coffee & wine! Two social beverages which help build and cement interpersonal connections with friends & family. This is much more important than taking some exotic, alluring supplement or magical herb.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & New Year holiday season and an awesome 2020 !!



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Be Healthy, Be Happy # 56


21-Day Challenge:

HEALTHY & HAPPY in 2020!


Greetings Primal Power – Primal Bob Friends!

It has been a while since I have sent a blog post, as I have been busy working on my own individual wellness habits; along with helping clients enhance their overall fitness & health goals. I am also working on some new projects, including an upcoming new email campaign which will include an offer to join the Primal Power Posse! More details coming out on that in the coming weeks ….

As we all prepare to finish up another calendar year, and look forward to starting a New Year in 2020 – it is time for some reflection and also time to move forward. In that vein, I will soon be sending out a New Year 21-Day Challenge: Be Healthy & Happy in 2020!

At the end of only 21 days, you will have developed new habits for yourself, and you will have started feeling better! You will receive information and advice on how to live an optimally healthy lifestyle, how to maintain energy along with a general level of fitness and proper weight, and to be happy with your choices.

Deadline for Sign-Up:  Friday, January 3, 2020
Challenge Start date:  Monday, January 6, 2020

More specific details to follow next week – feel free to let me know now if you might be interested!



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Be Healthy, Be Happy # 55


The first official day of summer will soon be upon us, and I always look forward to enjoying time outside in nature …. including getting lots of sunshine on a daily basis. I am also excited about: spending quality time with family; visiting friends we have not seen in a while; hiking (already been out on the trails several times during the past week); cooking – making healthy new recipes for brunches and dinners for family and friends, including slow cooker meals; kayaking-paddleboarding-swimming in the lake; a round of golf with good friends; a challenging game of doubles tennis on my favorite Har-Tru courts at our place in upstate New York; a visit to The Big Apple to hang out with our kids and their friends; seeing all the stars in the night sky; checking out the variety of farmers’ markets in the area; trying out a new restaurant; reading a number of actual books, and not just consuming online information; and getting in some outdoor workouts – playing with my kettlebells and other fitness “toys” on our deck or in the yard outside our place.

I am sure that you all have your own lists of summertime fun you are looking forward to enjoying soon. Hope you all have a wonderfully rejuvenating summer season!



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Be Healthy, Be Happy # 54


This week, I am sharing two excellent articles, with some specific advice for women and men. I actually sent this out a few years ago in one of my earlier weekly email communications to some of my “followers.”

These articles come from my favorite resource and blog – Mark’s Daily Apple – and I have personally done my best to follow the suggestions for the male list.

Please take some time to read and learn.



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Be Healthy, Be Happy # 53


Greetings Primal Power Friends:

I posted this recently on my personal facebook page, but as I deactivated both of my facebook pages soon after this, many of you may not have seen the message. So, here you go ….

I would like to let you all know that I am starting a “digital declutter” process. I will be deactivating my personal facebook page as of today, including my relatively new Primal Bob page also. I have recently started reading an excellent book – “Digital Minimalism – Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World” by Cal Newport. It has become fairly obvious that I have been spending an inordinate amount of time each day staring at screens – either my laptop or cellphone. The use of technology has definitely become a type of addiction, and it is surely not a healthy habit. I need to start making some changes ….

My goal with trying this Digital Minimalism approach (direct quote from book) is:
“A philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else.”

So, for the coming two-three months, I will endeavor to stay off facebook entirely, on both my laptop and phone which are my primary technology devices; and I have also deactivated my Instagram account. For now, I will keep my WhatsApp account open, so that I can communicate easily with family & friends, via messages or calls.

Yes, I recognize that this is only a small first step in my “digital declutter” journey. As I progress with additional steps/actions, I will try to share via my website, primarily via blog posts like this one.

For those of you who currently contact me via facebook or messenger: If you would like to contact me directly, you can also simply send me an email. For personal messages, I prefer to use –, and for health-fitness coaching purposes, I prefer to use – You will find that I usually respond to emails very promptly.

Additionally, for those of you here in Bangkok, feel free to call my cell phone or send a text message.(+66 81-935-8017). OR – you can reach me another old-fashioned tech way – on Skype (bob.connor7)

AND, I encourage all of you to follow my website:
It is easy to subscribe to the site – just enter your email and click on the green SUBSCRIBE box at this link: There is also a place to leave comments, at the end of each blog post. Please feel free to send comments, questions, and your own thoughts – happy to have a dialogue on any topic! I will continue to publish regular blog posts, sharing my insights along with appropriate educational articles-links, regarding a variety of topics related to health-wellness and fitness.

I will be making a number of revisions on my website in the next few months, and I will likely rejoin/reactivate my current facebook pages in early August – possibly announcing a new online health coaching program as a special offer to all facebook friends. This will be an affordable, viable, attainable plan – with the promise of many direct benefits for your personal health and fitness. If you are consistently dedicated in following the advice/recommendations, you will gain many benefits and positive outcomes-results.

If you would like to know more about anything related to my health coaching services, please email me directly at Helping people with various conditions, nutrition strategies, weight loss, fitness-strength gains, and overall lifestyle habits has become my true passion in life, especially as I personally strive to optimize my own healthspan – “the period of one’s life that one is healthy.”



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