Primal Transformation Coaching

30 days / 1 month for Individual

( $400 per person /or Thai baht equivalent )

– One-hour initial consultation; introduction to primal health program; agreement to commit
– Weekly coaching check-in / meeting
– One weekly one-hour fitness training session
– 24/7 email support
– 21-Day Total Body Transformation book

In one month, we will work on your nutrition plan, with the goal of transitioning from a “sugar-burner” to a “fat-burner,” with some weight loss as a result, if desired. We will also work together on establishing a fitness-exercise program that you can fit into your busy schedule. Additionally, we will talk about developing a consistent sleep regimen. We will review and discuss other factors, such as: sunlight, stress, play …. And how everything weaves together to help you create a healthy lifestyle, one which you can personally manage.