Be Healthy, Be Happy # 8

Sprinting & Hiking

Happy Weekend Primal Friends!

This is the third message somewhat “in order” ….
Two weeks ago the topic was walking; last week was running; and we conclude this week with sprinting & hiking!

For those of you with good memories, you will recall that SPRINT is at the top of the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid – shared with many of you in earlier emails and attached again here.

There are many benefits we can gain from a sprinting-type exercise/movement.

Additionally, sprinting does not have to mean running fast, as there are many different ways to “sprint.”

Hiking is also included at the base of the PB Fitness Pyramid – Move Frequently at a Slow Pace. Unfortunately, there are not too many hills here in Bangkok, so we need to plan our trekking getaways! As for hiking/trekking, this is currently my absolute favorite type of exercise, as I believe it also offers numerous health benefits. During the summer months, I frequently go off for half-day and day-long hikes in the mountains in upstate New York. Nothing like fresh air, some sunshine and mother nature to get the juices flowing!

Here are some great tips for hiking!


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