Be Healthy, Be Happy # 19

“IKIGAI” – Life Purpose & Longevity

Greetings Healthy & Happy Friends,

Well, another school year has come and gone – officially the last one for yours truly – as I transition into my “next career.” This week’s main topic is “ikigai” – the term comes to us from Japan. This can mean our purpose for living, our reason for being – something that we truly and genuinely value, basically that which makes our life worth living!

For me personally, my new venture as a health & fitness coach is what drives me at this point in my life – it is what I am passionate about, and what gets me excited about getting up each morning to start a new day. As I also focused on longevity, this article explains about how ikigai can support our goals and our quest for a long “healthspan.”

Wishing you all a wonderfully healthy weekend!


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