Be Healthy, Be Happy # 20

The Power of Gratitude

Happy Summer Everybody!

THANK YOU! Two words that are spoken by us every day, often just as a habit in reply or response to something somebody has done for us. I have made a recent effort to “practice” gratitude each day, which always puts me in the most positive frame of mind. At this time, my wife and I are visiting family in California, and enjoying some wonderfully sunny, warm days outside with long walks-hikes, some other exercise and soaking in lots of natural vitamin D! I am very grateful that we can spend time with my brother-in-law and his lovely wife, as we catch up and often laugh at/with each other, sharing stories together.

There are many ways that gratitude/being grateful can impact our lives on a daily basis. This article is one of many which illustrates the wonderful benefits of gratitude, ending with a powerful quote from the Dalai Lama.

AND, please know that I am very grateful that YOU have chosen to follow along in my new journey to help others in various ways, which are hopefully personally meaningful.

Hoping you all enjoy the summer, and please try practicing more gratitude in your daily life!


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