Be Healthy, Be Happy # 23

Is Juice Really Healthy?!

Dear Friends,

I can remember growing up and enjoying a big glass of orange juice every morning, often along with a bowl of the latest flavour of boxed cereal (with lots of sugar as a main ingredient), and a few pieces of toast. Or I might include a big bagel with margarine (supposedly healthier than butter!). I continued eating this way often through my college years, and into my life as an adult – thinking that this was a fairly healthy way to start my day. In reality, I was giving myself a massive influx of sugar, causing my insulin to skyrocket; and then ending up hungry again just 2-3 hours later – and then eating/drinking another insulin-surging snack.

But I digress a bit – the main topic this week is JUICE. The number of different juice choices you can find in a grocery store these days is astronomical – so many brands, so many flavors – all claiming to offer a myriad of health benefits. Yet, as I am confident that many of you have become aware of in recent years – many of these juices contain more sugar than typical sodas/soft drinks. For those of you with children, please take special note.

A recent article, written by two pediatrics professors, describes a more illuminating look at the actual effects of ingesting any type of fruit juices on a regular basis.

Another resource – Authority Nutrition (evidence-based), agrees with the unhealthy effects of fruit juices.

Again, as many of you likely know, it is better for us to eat our fruits and vegetables in their “whole” state, instead of juicing – which can produce more insulin in the body, while also missing out on the fiber from eating the actual fruit or vegetable. Yet, another common practice among people seeking better health through nutrition is the process of juice cleanses. I have never been a fan of “cleansing,” as my option would be more along the lines of some type of fasting (more on this in future posts!) Yet, I realise that some people may have enjoyed various effects of a juice cleanse. This article offers some information and a “bottom line” on juice cleanses.

OK, that’s all for this week. Have a great upcoming weekend!


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