Be Healthy, Be Happy # 27


This week’s topic is possibly a bit sensitive, but something that needs to be considered as we proceed through our lifetimes. Every individual carries a certain amount of body fat, no matter how lean or skinny they may look. A certain amount of body fat is necessary, but how much is too much? Additionally, there are various kinds of body fat we all carry, as this article describes in detail; including these meaningful statements:

“Belly fat is bad. Fat around your heart is bad. Fat in your liver is bad. Subcutaneous fat looks bad and is hardest to burn but might not be too unhealthy. Losing weight will reduce all of it.”

Visceral fat is one that is most concerning to me, as being situated near and around some major organs in our body, it will obviously affect the overall effectiveness of these organs. This link presents an excellent description of visceral fat – including a definition, how it occurs, risk factors for various diseases and conditions, and some suggestions for decreasing/lowering the amount of visceral fat in the body.

It seems to be commonly accepted that as we age, and from what we consider to be our ideal healthy weight – a number of people gain 2-3 pounds or kilos each year. That does not seem like a big number, but after 20-30 years (or less) …. there can be a noticeable and unpleasant change in body composition. Along with a possible decrease in physical activity, individuals may find themselves feeling sluggish on a daily basis, as they struggle to maintain energy levels, while not being as productive as in past years.

In closing, please consider that too much additional weight gain over the years is something to take note of, and it is also something in which we can take action steps to reverse. Have a great upcoming week!


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