Be Healthy, Be Happy # 57




It is one of the special times of the year – time to spend with family at Christmas, and then time to get ready for another new year of expectations, adventures and memorable experiences!

As I am confident many of you have heard-seen these tips before, here are some simple suggestions to improve-enhance your overall state of health & wellness. These are all “low-hanging fruit” which we can certainly achieve, with a bit of determination and self-awareness:

  • Prioritze sleep; 7- 9 hours per night desirable
  • Move every day; can be as simple as walking
  • Eat as much real food as possible; and sometimes go without food for an extended period
  • Manage stress; using whatever method works best for you, personally
  • Use your brain; stay mentally sharp
  • Get outside in nature

And one more fun piece of advice comes from a book called Spring Chicken by Bill Gifford –

  • Drink more coffee & wine! Two social beverages which help build and cement interpersonal connections with friends & family. This is much more important than taking some exotic, alluring supplement or magical herb.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & New Year holiday season and an awesome 2020 !!



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