Be Healthy, Be Happy # 3

Olive Oil Hoax!!

Greetings All,

A different topic this week, targeted at all of you olive oil lovers out there, myself included. It came to my attention a few years ago, that much of the EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) I had been purchasing was most likely not pure olive oil …. this was a big surprise to me!

As you know, there are many healthy uses for olive oil, including stir frying or roasting vegetables. I also usually make a salad dressing from olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed together, sometimes adding mustard, cumin, pepper, etc …. for additional flavors.

Here is a wonderfully revealing article/link regarding the olive oil “hoax” topic, which includes some ways you can test, and how you can find “the real stuff.”

Additionally, this next site/link identifies and lists a number of various brands of high quality olive oil that you can buy in the regular grocery stores in various countries. So far, the only one on the list here that I have been able to find in Bangkok is the Cobram Estate olive oil, which is from Australia. I have not found this in the grocery stores, but it can be ordered from Paleo Robbie from their grocery site. There are other olive oil brands available here in BKK, which I believe are pure, and are not on the lists in the link – especially some available from Lemon Farm & Organic Natural Food stores.

This third article lists a number of brands which failed purity testing, and others which passed purity testing. You will likely recognize some of the oils on the failed list, which are readily available at Villa and other stores in Bangkok.

Food (or oil) for thought ….

Finally, for those of you who have participated in our “FITNESS FUN” classes-sessions on Tuesday afternoons ….
MARK YOUR CALENDARS – I will start these classes again very soon, on Tuesday 6 February; with the first session at 3:45-4:30pm, followed by a second session from 4:30-5:15pm. I will send out a reminder to all faculty-staff soon.

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