Be Healthy, Be Happy # 4

Eggs & Coffee, & 2018 Fitness Forecast

Greetings Healthy, Happy Friends!

For this week, three topics:

EGGS, truly a superfood in many ways, and some people are still being advised by doctors to limit egg consumption. I am one of the people that respectfully, and strongly disagree ….

COFFEE, one of the strongest antioxidants to consume; with evidence of longevity benefits

FITNESS, how it might evolve in 2018

Some personal thoughts:
I always try to buy pastured eggs, as I believe that they offer the highest amount of nutrients to the body. Duck eggs are especially healthy! And, pastured eggs usually have a bright or dark orange color – a good sign of nutrients!

I do enjoy coffee on a regular basis, but I am also a big fan of green tea – for all you non-coffee drinkers out there. Will sometimes add a spoon of raw, organic honey to my tea for a little sweetness. For my coffee, either black (espresso) or with whole milk (high fat cappuccinos) or coconut milk, but no sweeteners; I will sometimes add cinnamon and/or unsweetened cocoa powder when brewing – usually in a french press.

Regarding past/future or continuing fitness-health trends, I feel that in today’s society of constant digital screen time (morning through evening), our circadian systems have been severely disrupted. Whatever happened to waking up in the morning at daylight without an alarm clock, and going to bed soon after the sun goes down in the evening?! If any of you are currently practicing either of these habits – GOOD FOR YOU!! This is something I continue to struggle with at times, and in my advancing years, I am especially aware of decreased energy levels on days following lesser or poor quality sleep. In my view, and from what I am hearing from some of you at times – sleep is something we must keep in our focus and priorities throughout our lives.


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