Be Healthy, Be Happy # 13

Gut Microbiome Revisited, & Cold Exposure Benefits

Dear Healthy, Happy Friends,

FIRST – thanks to Nat Whitman for sharing this article on diet soda, as a follow-up to how our gut microbiome (“second brain”) can be adversely affected by artificial sweeteners and the many other additives that are prevalent in numerous processed foods/drinks. Great research, Nat!

NEXT – as promised, and in contrast to last week’s info about the health benefits of saunas – we get into the positive effects cold exposure can have on the body and the mind ….

Starting with a list of reasons for us to welcome the feeling of being cold –

AND – some benefits of a nice cold shower ….

One habit I have tried to include in my daily routine is finishing off a hot shower with cold water for as long as I can take it. This is obviously a shock to my system initially, but invariably I end up feeling more refreshed and awake-alive! If any of you have similar experiences with any type of cold exposure, please feel free to share.

OK, that’s all for this week ….


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