Be Healthy, Be Happy # 17

Grass-Fed (& Grass-Finished) Beef

Greetings Healthy & Happy Folks!

This week features a fascinating look at why grass-fed beef could be considered as The Most Vegan Item In The Supermarket ! This section of the article is what I have believed and understood for a number of years now –

“Sadly, in the practice of agriculture it is impossible to not cause endless suffering to many living creatures. One could argue that the most suffering of all is caused by annual agriculture, the cultivation of vegetables, including grains, beans, and rice, that only take one year to grow from seed to food. We displace countless wild animals from their homes and lands when we cultivate annual crops. Not only that, we also kill thousands of creatures when we till the soil.”
But, to be completely fair and impartial – here is another differing viewpoint on this issue.
Personally, when I do eat meat/beef, I try to consume grass-fed & grass-finished products. I do believe that this is the healthiest option for me, as I enjoy the flavor and also the superb nutrients I obtain from the beef. Overall, each of us makes our own choices on how to stay healthy in terms of nutrition – whether you are vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore, etc …. Whatever works best for you as an individual, in terms of staying lean, strong and maintaining adequate energy levels – is the way to go!


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