Be Healthy, Be Happy # 21

The Benefits of Being Social

Greetings Healthy & Happy Friends!

Today’s main topic is your social life. Having a close network of friends you can count on is wonderfully beneficial to the overall health and wellness of your lifestyle.

A special thanks to one of my dedicated fitness clients – Vera Day, for sharing this insightful TedTalk about one way to extend your life. Only a 16-minute video, so please find some time to enjoy soon!

Next, an article from my own guru, Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple – regarding how our friendships can have such a positive impact on our overall health.

Finally, I think we can all identify with this quotation from the Dalai Lama:
“Basically, a human being is a social animal. So, if you create some short moment of happiness for people, you get deep satisfaction.”

Have a great day, enjoy the upcoming weekend, and I hope many of you are also enjoying the excitement and amazing passion of the World Cup matches these days!


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