Be Healthy, Be Happy # 30


This week’s topic is sarcopenia, which is basically a loss of muscle tissue and muscle mass, which occurs as part of the ageing process. Yet, it is definitely possible to maintain desired muscle mass, and hopefully reverse the process of sarcopenia.

Just a few days ago this NY Times article discussed the topic of sarcopenia, focusing mainly on “older” people – past 50 is old?! This condition can actually start in people as early as their late 30’s and 40’s, and progress if not addressed properly. Maintaining muscle mass is one of the main reasons for my regular resistance/weight training program, and I fully believe that it helps slow many other factors in the overall ageing process. Reminder from the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid – two times per week of strength training is adequate. AND – strength exercises always just makes me feel better! Just pick up and put down some heavy things each week – with good form!

The second article this week delves much deeper on sarcopenia, and how to prevent/decrease/reverse any symptoms of this condition. Check for yourself to see how many of these ten methods for addressing your own muscle mass/muscle deterioration you are currently practicing!


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