Be Healthy, Be Happy # 31


Last week, we talked about Sarcopenia – this week we delve into Osteopenia; Wikipedia definition: Osteopenia is a condition in which bone mineral density is lower than normal. It is considered by many doctors to be a precursor to osteoporosis. However, not every person diagnosed with osteopenia will develop osteoporosis.

Bottom line is – we need to keep our bones healthy and strong. As we age, our bone density will gradually decline, but there are various ways to maintain adequate strength in our bones. Diet, exercise and supplements can all help enhance our bone density.

For a bit more detailed look at this aging condition, check out this article/link.

Bones are obviously crucial to our daily existence, but many people seem to take our bones for granted. As we go through life, it is important for us to keep paying attention to the vital skeletal system in our bodies. This second article this week focuses on a variety of factors for overall bone health.

Are you consciously taking care of YOUR bones?!

“Make yourself stronger than your excuses.”
(Adding a new motivational slogan at the end of each post ….)


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