Be Healthy, Be Happy # 36


Reminder:  Get Adequate Sunlight is one of the 10 Primal Blueprint “Laws!”

We are constantly advised to stay out of the sun, and to put large amounts of sunscreen on our bodies whenever going outside. It is thought that the UV (Ultra-Violet) rays from the sun are all very damaging. Yet, humans basically evolved in a daily outdoor setting. Regular exposure to the sun is a necessary and vital aspect of living, as we need a small dose of sunlight to enhance our health. We do not want or need to burn the skin from sun exposure, but we should consider getting enough to help your body make some vitamin D. Additionally, some natural sunlight can elevate your mood, and also help you sleep, helping regulate your circadian rhythms.

Vitamin D is an essential supplement, with many benefits affecting a variety of functions in the body, such as:

• It is essential for bone mineralization. Without vitamin D, your body won’t be able to do anything with the raw building blocks of bone, like calcium and magnesium.
• It improves insulin sensitivity and increases fat loss.
• It’s required for the production of testosterone..
• It prevents tooth decay.
• Our immune systems need vitamin D to function.
• It reduces systemic inflammation.
• It plays a role in protection against many (if not all) cancers.
(from Mark’s Daily Apple:

And, we really only need a small amount of sunlight for the benefits. I try to get outside almost every day, and expose as much of my body as possible to the rays of the sun. I have gradually built up to getting about 30 minutes of full sunlight on as many days as possible. Regarding sunscreens, they will usually prevent vitamin D from being created. If you use a sunblock product, try to apply to skin after you have been in the sun for 20-30 minutes; so that you benefit from some vitamin D production.
If you are interested in additional information, including research and resources, please review these articles-links:
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