Be Healthy, Be Happy # 37


A fascinating subject this week …. Metabolic Flexibility (or Metabolic Efficiency) – how our body’s metabolism works, especially regarding the fuel we each use on a daily basis to stimulate and nurture our biological systems. Over the past 10+ years, I believe that I have definitely become much more flexible and efficient in terms of my metabolism. How do I know this?

First, my daily energy levels have remained quite high consistently, whereas in earlier years, I would typically feel sluggish and tired during a mid-afternoon slump. Additionally, I can skip meals almost daily, as I often go for 6-8-10 hours without any solid foods; although I do have some sustenance consisting of an early afternoon ice coffee (unsweetened) on most days; along with water when thirsty. I do not really need to “snack,” as I basically eat W.H.E.N. – “When Hunger Naturally Ensues.” Also, I have experienced strength gains during my own workouts, which are shorter but more focused and structured with only brief rest breaks, as needed.

I usually only eat 1-2 meals each day. These days, it seems common for many people to see how much they can eat each day, without gaining any weight. My goal is often to see how little I can eat and still maintain my ideal weight, along with adequate energy and strength for my daily efforts and responsibilities. I also feel that my brain works better, as my cognition usually increases during these periods of “caloric restriction.”

From my favorite health website (MDA – Mark’s Daily Apple), a “Definitive Guide to Metabolic Flexibility” – which offers many excellent insights on the importance of this concept.

AND – this second article-link explains more about how we can transition our own fuel-partitioning, so that we are able to control our metabolism by using both carbs and fat as our energy sources.

Finally, I truly feel that my body can actually burn fat during the day, between meals. This is something that I strive to achieve with my own clients, helping them become fat-adapted; to adjust from being somewhat of a “sugar-burner” to thriving as a “fat-burner.”

Enjoy the weekend!

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