Be Healthy, Be Happy # 44


Regarding healthy nutrition, there has been so much talk and advice given over the years to eat a low cholesterol diet, so that we do not add body fat and extra weight; which was also supposed to help decrease our chances of heart disease. We now know that this is not true, as there is a great deal of science-backed research and evidence to show that consuming high-fat foods such as eggs, butter, etc …. will not cause cholesterol increases in our body. Additionally, we need cholesterol for many functions – more on this in future posts.

It has come to light in recent years that the more accurate cause of obesity and cardiovascular conditions is the consumption of highly processed foods, excess sugar and simple carbohydrates. The reason for this is that eating these types of foods often cause spikes in blood sugar, with more insulin being produced. As long as we remain insulin-sensitive, our pancreas will operate at an optimum level. However, if too much insulin is constantly being introduced, some people eventually become insulin-resistant, which can be very damaging to various systems in the body. This excellent article offers a complete explanation, along with some additional details and advice for reducing insulin resistance.

Personally, my goal with my daily nutrition habits is to increase my glucose-insulin levels as little as possible. That is why I eat low-carbohydrates, along with moderate-sufficient protein intake, and a higher-healthy fats amount. This gives me all the energy I need, without needing to snack throughout each day on foods-drinks that will increase insulin and cause hunger again a short time later.

More details to come in upcoming posts, regarding these important topics – as we also consider satiety, hormone secretions, and other energy sources besides carbohydrates-proteins-fats ….



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