Be Healthy, Be Happy # 45


A special day today, as I mark another year off my own personal life calendar –
Now 66 years old, and actually looking forward to reaching 70 in the next several years! When I do reach that milestone, entering my 8th decade of life, I hope and expect to feel almost the same as I do now.

As many of you may know, one of my goals is to live as long as I can …. and also to remain as healthy as possible until “the day” I leave this mortal state. In past years, I became a bit obsessed with living to be at least 100 years old …. to reach that magic 3-digit number. Do I still desire to get to that special age …. ? Hell, yeah!!

Yet, these days, living to a certain age (lifespan) is not nearly as important to me as living a long, healthy, active life – healthspan. I can honestly say that these days, I feel more healthy, fit, strong, and energetic than I did 10-15 years ago! I can hear some of you asking …. How is that possible?!

Well, I am definitely doing a better job of taking care of my own personal health, while also now helping others do the same in their own lives. This has truly become a powerful passion in recent years, and it is what drives me each day – my purpose in life, or as the Japanese say – my Ikigai. I firmly believe that each of us needs to feel this life purpose – that thing that gets you out of bed in the morning – looking forward to having another awesome day, interacting with others and also spending reflective time alone, becoming more mindful and grateful.

And, I am very grateful for this opportunity to help others. Gratitude is such an important feeling that we all need to “practice” on a regular basis. I am so thankful for so many things …. For my family, our friends, my colleagues at ISB and former students-colleagues-friends from past years at various international schools – many of them now living in various countries all around the world!

When I graduated from college in the U.S., married my lovely wife Claire just a few months later, and as we embarked on this journey together (44 years ago!), I certainly did not imagine how life would unfold, and where we would be today, and what I would be doing at this time. As the years go by, we gain various amounts of wisdom, as we experience and learn so much; and I will continue to share my own knowledge and perceptions with others, for as long as I can – because that is what gets ME out of bed each morning!

Thanks for listening this week, and for being a friend!



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