John Switala Teacher

I am grateful that I met Bob three years ago when I participated in a fitness class that he offered, because he has totally changed the way I approach my health and fitness. I took the simple tips that he gave us during that session about high-intensity, body-weight workouts, which work all of the major muscle groups and make me feel great, and incorporated them into my workouts. Later, after discussing with Bob how much benefit I was getting out of those workouts, he gave me books to read by fitness gurus Dan John and Pavel Tsastouline, showed me the standard kettlebell movements, and shared with me the latest research about food and diet that he follows, and once again, changed the way I approach my fitness and my overall lifestyle. Not only is the fitness lifestyle that Bob has taught me safe and efficient, but also fun and, ultimately, sustainable. Because of the time I have spent with Bob, I am functionally stronger, healthier and more knowledgeable, and at 45 years old, I feel like I am unlocking my body’s true potential.