Anne Bradley Teacher

I began working out with Bob when I was approaching my fifties. I was an active, aerobically-fit woman who knew that I needed to work on strength and conditioning in order to continue to exercise and not lose bone density, muscle and flexibility. But gyms intimidated me, and I did not know where to start. Enter Bob Connor. With great patience, humor and endless encouragement, Bob taught me how to lift, squat, lunge, plank, push-up, hinge etc,. and use equipment correctly, and he made it fun – something I never imagined possible! As I became stronger, I noticed that my running and cycling improved. But then I moved. And I could no longer train with Bob. It was then I found out that he had given me something much better than coaching twice a week – he had taught me how to keep myself strong and flexible, and when I joined a gym where I lived I knew how to work-out confidently and safely. Thank you Bob for a life-long gift. 🙂