Lien Martens

As a Physical Education Teacher, I know how to lead a healthy, happy and fit lifestyle, but somehow life happened and in the tumult of it all, I suddenly lost my way at the start of 2019. I lost my confidence, my fitness, my positivity, …. myself. I gave up on running and doing triathlons and consumed way too much alcohol. Time for Bob!

Bob immediately recommended his newest health coaching model, a one-month Primal Transformation Coaching program. It would be a first for him, but I was hooked and excited from day 1. The program comes with a Total Body Transformation guide book, one weekly coaching and one weekly work-out session with Bob! I read the easy-to-read book and enjoyed the one-on-one coaching sessions with Bob, in which he would explain the learnings in the book and apply it to my personal situation. Bob helped me to transition from a “sugar-burner” to a “fat-burner” by showing me how to “go primal.” Under his guidance, I started to eat healthier, cook better, use the gym, improve my sleep, deal with stress and fill the week with fun little exercises.

Although very funny and charming, Bob is highly confidential and professional and I always felt safe and supported during our talks and work-outs. Bob has given me back my confidence and offered me a lifestyle I can continue overseas to remain healthy and fit on my own. Bob has been my coach, but he will remain my friend, my guiding angel, my special person who helped me when nothing else worked. I am incredibly grateful to Bob, and I can recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, learn about the Primal Blueprint, or just wants to spend some time in the gym with an awesome individual!