Be Healthy, Be Happy # 5

Healthy Mayonnaise! / Health = Wealth / Your Inner Athlete

Greetings Healthy, Happy Friends!

It has been a few weeks since my last healthy missive ….

First, a big thanks to Brenda Perkins for her awesome and very healthy recipe for mayonnaise! Brenda used olive oil in place of avocado oil, and in her words …. “I seriously will NEVER buy mayo again!” I will be trying this recipe myself soon, and since I have some avocado email on hand, I will use that oil – much appreciated, Brenda! 😋

Next, an excellent article/reminder from the late Steve Jobs that   “There’s no greater wealth than …. health” – (No need to donate as requested near end of this article ….)

Finally, I consider every human being to be an athlete! Check out this wonderful article, explaining how there is an athlete residing inside each of us, no matter our current shape/size/body type, etc …. I enthusiastically encourage all of you to search for and strive to be the best “athlete” that YOU can be! Each of us is on our own personal journey – find what works for you and enjoy and thrive!


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