Be Healthy, Be Happy # 38

HONEY – Health Benefits

How many of you consume honey on a regular basis? I enjoy a little raw, organic (or pure) honey almost every morning with my green tea. Honey can be considered as a “natural sweetener” and there is also much evidence for various health benefits.

If I ever feel any upper respiratory discomfort, such as a scratchy feeling in my throat especially, I will take a big spoon of honey, topped with some cinnamon (usually from Ceylon), and that usually seems to provide quick and effective relief; often preventing the symptoms from worsening.

I also use raw, organic honey in some of my primal-paleo recipes for healthy “comfort foods,” such as pancakes, muffins, energy bars, and even cookies at times. My wife often reminds me that I need to keep her supplied with her favorite chocolate chip cookies, made with either almond flour or coconut flour, along with honey and a few other ingredients.

One important consideration is to be sure that the honey you consume is actually pure honey. There are many brands of honey sold in stores everywhere that include additional ingredients which are usually not healthy. All you want is pure honey, with nothing added. Here is a short video, sharing some ways to test the quality of your honey.

As for taste, I personally prefer a darker honey, which may have more antioxidant qualities; and I also enjoy the flavor more than lighter color honeys. My own favorite brand of honey here in Bangkok is Dr. G. Longan Flower PREMIUM quality – dark and delicious!

For all you honey lovers out there, be sure you are enjoying the best quality possible.


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Be Healthy, Be Happy # 37


A fascinating subject this week …. Metabolic Flexibility (or Metabolic Efficiency) – how our body’s metabolism works, especially regarding the fuel we each use on a daily basis to stimulate and nurture our biological systems. Over the past 10+ years, I believe that I have definitely become much more flexible and efficient in terms of my metabolism. How do I know this?

First, my daily energy levels have remained quite high consistently, whereas in earlier years, I would typically feel sluggish and tired during a mid-afternoon slump. Additionally, I can skip meals almost daily, as I often go for 6-8-10 hours without any solid foods; although I do have some sustenance consisting of an early afternoon ice coffee (unsweetened) on most days; along with water when thirsty. I do not really need to “snack,” as I basically eat W.H.E.N. – “When Hunger Naturally Ensues.” Also, I have experienced strength gains during my own workouts, which are shorter but more focused and structured with only brief rest breaks, as needed.

I usually only eat 1-2 meals each day. These days, it seems common for many people to see how much they can eat each day, without gaining any weight. My goal is often to see how little I can eat and still maintain my ideal weight, along with adequate energy and strength for my daily efforts and responsibilities. I also feel that my brain works better, as my cognition usually increases during these periods of “caloric restriction.”

From my favorite health website (MDA – Mark’s Daily Apple), a “Definitive Guide to Metabolic Flexibility” – which offers many excellent insights on the importance of this concept.

AND – this second article-link explains more about how we can transition our own fuel-partitioning, so that we are able to control our metabolism by using both carbs and fat as our energy sources.

Finally, I truly feel that my body can actually burn fat during the day, between meals. This is something that I strive to achieve with my own clients, helping them become fat-adapted; to adjust from being somewhat of a “sugar-burner” to thriving as a “fat-burner.”

Enjoy the weekend!

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Be Healthy, Be Happy # 36


Reminder:  Get Adequate Sunlight is one of the 10 Primal Blueprint “Laws!”

We are constantly advised to stay out of the sun, and to put large amounts of sunscreen on our bodies whenever going outside. It is thought that the UV (Ultra-Violet) rays from the sun are all very damaging. Yet, humans basically evolved in a daily outdoor setting. Regular exposure to the sun is a necessary and vital aspect of living, as we need a small dose of sunlight to enhance our health. We do not want or need to burn the skin from sun exposure, but we should consider getting enough to help your body make some vitamin D. Additionally, some natural sunlight can elevate your mood, and also help you sleep, helping regulate your circadian rhythms.

Vitamin D is an essential supplement, with many benefits affecting a variety of functions in the body, such as:

• It is essential for bone mineralization. Without vitamin D, your body won’t be able to do anything with the raw building blocks of bone, like calcium and magnesium.
• It improves insulin sensitivity and increases fat loss.
• It’s required for the production of testosterone..
• It prevents tooth decay.
• Our immune systems need vitamin D to function.
• It reduces systemic inflammation.
• It plays a role in protection against many (if not all) cancers.
(from Mark’s Daily Apple:

And, we really only need a small amount of sunlight for the benefits. I try to get outside almost every day, and expose as much of my body as possible to the rays of the sun. I have gradually built up to getting about 30 minutes of full sunlight on as many days as possible. Regarding sunscreens, they will usually prevent vitamin D from being created. If you use a sunblock product, try to apply to skin after you have been in the sun for 20-30 minutes; so that you benefit from some vitamin D production.
If you are interested in additional information, including research and resources, please review these articles-links:
Sun exposure and Sunscreen options ….
​Have a great upcoming weekend!​


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