Be Healthy, Be Happy # 38

HONEY – Health Benefits

How many of you consume honey on a regular basis? I enjoy a little raw, organic (or pure) honey almost every morning with my green tea. Honey can be considered as a “natural sweetener” and there is also much evidence for various health benefits.

If I ever feel any upper respiratory discomfort, such as a scratchy feeling in my throat especially, I will take a big spoon of honey, topped with some cinnamon (usually from Ceylon), and that usually seems to provide quick and effective relief; often preventing the symptoms from worsening.

I also use raw, organic honey in some of my primal-paleo recipes for healthy “comfort foods,” such as pancakes, muffins, energy bars, and even cookies at times. My wife often reminds me that I need to keep her supplied with her favorite chocolate chip cookies, made with either almond flour or coconut flour, along with honey and a few other ingredients.

One important consideration is to be sure that the honey you consume is actually pure honey. There are many brands of honey sold in stores everywhere that include additional ingredients which are usually not healthy. All you want is pure honey, with nothing added. Here is a short video, sharing some ways to test the quality of your honey.

As for taste, I personally prefer a darker honey, which may have more antioxidant qualities; and I also enjoy the flavor more than lighter color honeys. My own favorite brand of honey here in Bangkok is Dr. G. Longan Flower PREMIUM quality – dark and delicious!

For all you honey lovers out there, be sure you are enjoying the best quality possible.


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2 thoughts on “Be Healthy, Be Happy # 38

  • Dear Bob, always love to read with pleasures your articles.

    As I am a honey lover , just few comments ( of course always related to genuine honey)

    – the color depends from the type of flowers and the season… for instance honey from chestnuts is dark- darker; honey from August September is darker than honey from April May

    – viscosity of honey depends as well from the type of flowers

    – my advice… for wherever is possible… is to buy honey from a trusted little bee farmer.

    I buy it from the friend of a friend, who actually drives his bees to different hills and different fields and has a relatively small production…. who knows… may be my hair will start growing again… hahaha.

    Thank you again for your articles.

    Best regards and see you at the end of January.


    PS the kid I am training (North) is developing very nicely both in aerobic , resistance and strength…. if you ever see him in the fitness room can you please give a look at him and assess progress and eventually advise accordingly?

    We target school record on the 400 hurdles and good performance on 400 and high jump.



    • Thanks Ugo – excellent reply, great info and advice also!
      I have seen North out on the track many times, and also up in the fitness room too. He seems to be progressing well. I will try to check his strength work next time I see him in the fitness room.
      Look forward to seeing you at end of January!


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