Be Healthy, Be Happy # 46


Just several years ago, I did not even know what a podcast was, and maybe some of you are unaware of podcasts now. A podcast is a series in mostly audio format, which you can download and listen to on your phone or laptop-tablet, or any other listening device. Many topics are highlighted on various podcasts, so that you can listen to stories, the news, and also to a number of people offering information/advice. You can access a large number of available podcasts on your phone – on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, with the majority being free.

I have become an avid podcast listener in the past several years. I listen in the car during my daily commutes, or on longer road trips in the U.S. – if my wife can tolerate whichever podcast I choose! I also listen during my frequent long walks around the city. The information provided is often very insightful and I have learned much from many of the podcasts. These days, I mostly listen to podcasts with topics on health, fitness, nutrition, longevity, etc …. The knowledge I gain has been very helpful for my personal wellness “journey,” while also providing me with new and profound information I can share with friends and clients.

The following are my current favorite podcasts:

– Primal Blueprint Podcast
– Ben Greenfield Fitness
– Get Over Yourself
– Move Your DNA
– Nourish Balance Thrive
– Paleo Magazine Radio
– Renegade Radio (Jay Ferruggia)
– Revolution Health Radio (Dr. Chris Kresser)
– Paleo Solution Podcast (Robb Wolf)
– The Doctor’s Farmacy (Dr. Mark Hyman)
– Fat-Burning Man (Abel James)
– The Joe Rogan Experience
– The Model Health Show
– The Tim Ferriss Show
– Harder to Kill Radio
– Meathead Hippie
– 40+ Fitness

If you are interested, check out some of the descriptions of these podcasts (just google any of them to see if any might resonate with you personally). And, then try downloading and listening to an episode you are curious about. Keep on learning!



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