Be Healthy, Be Happy # 47


In my youth …. Actually up until I reached my mid-50’s, I did not pay enough attention to the overall value and multiple benefits of getting enough sleep each night. My main focus for many years was on exercise, along with trying to eat what was then considered “healthy” foods-drinks (not true, in many cases). Sleep was often my last “priority,” as I figured I could exist and function reasonably well on 5-6 hours of sleep each evening. Doing this for a number of years eventually caught up to me, and my body started to tire more easily, and my energy levels frequently wavered on the lower end. I found that my mental focus and ability to complete daily work tasks were both negatively affected.

In the past 8-10 years, my #1 personal health-wellness priority has become SLEEP! After sleep, I also then strive to eat properly (healthy, real foods); and to exercise regularly. During this past decade, I have usually been able to get 7-8 hours of sleep on a regular basis. Undoubtedly, my energy level is now consistently much higher during the day, and my brain works better too. Sleep is such a powerful tool in our “toolbox!”

Some of the things I do to help my sleep habits:

– Keep the bedroom cold (60-65 degrees F / 16-18 degrees C)
– Wear as few clothes as possible
– Keep the bedroom as dark as possible
– Use bluelight blocking glasses in the evening (and f.lux on computer)
– Get as much exposure to sunlight (natural blue light) in the mornings
– Go to bed near the same time each night; wake up near the same time each morning – consistent sleep schedule (get some good sleep before midnight)
– No television or other monitors in the bedroom

For some more advice, check out this link-article; and this one also for more evidence-based research on the value and importance of sleep.

AND – keep striving to get your best sleep each night!



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