Be Healthy, Be Happy # 49


One of the best (healthy) snacks I try to eat on a daily basis are various kinds of nuts; all kinds really – almonds, macadamias, cashews, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, brazil, hazelnuts – mostly unsalted and sometimes roasted, but preferably not roasted in any type of unhealthy vegetable oil. Regarding peanuts, they are considered a legume, but they do have similar nutrients to the other nuts.

A handful of nuts is usually enough to satisfy any current hunger pangs, providing healthy fats in my daily nutrient intake; along with some protein, carbs and other vitamins.

Additionally, as I mentioned last week, I enjoy some almond butter or cashew butter (or even combined together in a nice almond-cashew butter) for a different healthy snack – sometimes just enjoying a couple spoonfuls, or eating together with celery or a nice green apple – great combination and taste, also providing natural energy to the body. If I want more of a “treat,” then I spread the nut butter on a square of high quality dark chocolate!

For some more information-details, please peruse this article on the health benefits of nuts.

Additionally, this link is an excellent resource from Nutrition Australia.

I always have a bag of mixed nuts around, for when I need something to help keep me going, and especially when I travel – a much healthier option than almost all of the food offered on airplane flights, train trips, etc …. Also a very healthy alternative snack for kids and student-athletes; much better than the majority of pre-packaged processed junk available, which are easier to buy but significantly less healthy than a nice handful of nuts.

So, find yourself a big jar or a zip-lock bag, and go out and buy a bunch of different nuts and mix them all together!



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