Be Healthy, Be Happy # 41


As we all approach the upcoming Christmas holiday season, with extended time off from the daily work schedule and routines, I thought it would be good to share some ideas/tips on doing your best to stay healthy, and refrain from adding extra holiday pounds also.

For some people, trying to eat well and stay active can be a challenge, but it is definitely possible. Many of the tips in this article will resonate; these are basic ideas, which are very sensible and feasible for all of us; with some recipes included also.

There will surely be some big meals, with wonderfully delicious food on the table, and family & friends to share these bountiful feasts together. For those of you who have tried or are interested in experimenting with some fasting during the holidays, this second link offers a variety ways/methods for “FASTING & FEASTING”.

Hopefully, this will help you begin 2019 in a positive and healthy frame of mind!



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