Be Healthy, Be Happy # 42


As another year comes to a close soon, I would like to share a number of reasons why I follow a primal lifestyle; including a variety of tips/suggestions for maintaining a consistently high level of daily energy and overall wellness. Looking through this list, I can honestly say that I have strived to pay attention and practice every one of these 26 recommendations, especially during the past 5-7 years. Combined, they are wonderful tools in helping me achieve one of my main goals – to slow down the inevitable aging process.

Without further ado …. direct from the man himself, my own guru, Mark Sisson – here is your A-to-Z Guide. ENJOY!

If you are interested in learning more about the practical aspects of this lifestyle, and you want to make some positive and significant changes in your own daily life – please contact me directly via email or on facebook. I am very passionate about coaching people to achieve their own individual optimum health and fitness. (Check out these comments from people I have worked with in recent years.)

Enjoy what is left of 2018!



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